lupita’s book sulwe is set to debut on netflix

Lupita’s Book Sulwe Is Set To Debut On Netflix>

Lupita’s Book Sulwe Is Set To Debut On Netflix

by Helvine Achieng February 22, 2021

Kenyan-Mexican Hollywood based thespian Lupita Nyong'o earlier broke the news of her New York Times bestselling book, Sulwe, adapted as an animation movie and set to premiere on Netflix.

Lupita took to her social media to share the information and further extend gratitude to her readers to make the book what it is.

Lupita Nyong'o@Lupita_NyongoSulwe is going to be an animated movie!!Thank you to the readers of all ages who have joined #Sulwe on her starry ride. I'm so excited for this next adventure on @Netflix! #BrightnessIsJustWhoYouAre.

Netflix's Strong Black Lead also conveyed the news on their Twitter handle. The animated musical will tell the story of a girl born "the color of midnight" who's learning about colourism, self-esteem and beauty that stems from within.

The book has been through quite the rollercoaster, morphing from a book to an audiobook and now coming into more life as an animation. Netizens expressed their enthusiasm and congratulated the Oscar-winning actress on her achievement.

So happy that Netflix is giving our brothers and sisters an opportunity. I wish it would extend to colleges and universities. Many college students are waiting to be actors, actresses, producers, visual artists, screenwriters, and do much more.

Replying to @Lupita_Nyongo @netflix Congratulations! Sulwe is one of our favourite books in the Storytime library. We are so excited that this beautiful story is being brought to life and can't wait to see the movie!

Replying to @Lupita_Nyongo @netflix I shared your book with my 2nd grade class. They loved it. One child's family is from Nigeria. They told their whole family about it.