little mix star leigh-anne says she was excluded from radio's sexiest female list over her black skin.

Leigh Anne Pinnock>

Leigh Anne Pinnock

by Helvine Achieng May 12, 2021

Leigh-Anne Pinnock of girl band Little mix has opened up and stated that she was excluded from radio's sexiest female list over black skin. The singer believes she was left off CapitalFM'ss sexiest female list for years because of her skin colour.

Leigh, who fronts a new BBC documentary about Racism in the music industry, says the fact that her bandmates were included every year made her feel something wasn't right.

"There was one time when a radio station, they were doing ''sexiest female". They'd do it every year and all the other girls had been nominated every single year except for me" she said ahead of Thursday's documentary debut on BBC's iPlayer." And it got to maybe 2017 or something, and I finally got nominated." It's these little things that you look back on, and you think,' There's something not right here" she added.

Leigh-Anne finally won Capital's Sexiest Female in 2018 but felt there was a reason she hadn't been nominated for so many years while Perrie Edwards, Jessy Nelson, and Jade Thirlwall were nominated.

"Racism is in every single industry. There needs to be more diversity in every workplace," Leigh pointed out.

Leigh-Anne has also told her fear of speaking up about her brushes with Racism, stating that she has been worried people wouldn't understand.

"because I feel like with racism, if you don't experience it, how are you ever going to really get it and feel it and understand i"." "Also I was scared to lose fans, I was scared of offending fans, because that's not what I'm trying to do at all" she went on." "I literally just wanted to address how I felt".