larry madowo burns midnight oil on his first day as a cnn correspondent.

Larry Madowo>

Larry Madowo

by Helvine Achieng May 19, 2021

Journalist Larry Madowo has hit the ground running after joining CNN as its Nairobi-based correspondent. Larry Madowo's maiden live link was on Monday May 17th, 2021, just a day after he relocated from the United States.

"I'm burning the midnight oil on my first day at CNN," Madowo tweeted.

"Changed channels and changed continents in a weekend. Fast work, Larry, fast work!" one of his fans - Jordan Dias - observed, to which the journalist replied, "Gotta keep it moving".

Larry's in-tray was full with his schedule running from 6:00pm to 11:00pm when he closed his live broadcast with CNN business guru Richard Quest.

Larry's first task was to report on the status of the Covid-19 vaccination program with Zain Asher, where he noted that Kenya was on the verge of a crisis following a shortage of the jab.

"Countries like Kenya that rely on Covax, the vaccine sharing alliance are not getting anything, and there are about 140 million vaccines that were promised but not received to countries like Kenya," stated Larry adding that his grandmother too had not received the vaccine.

"In your first day in Kenya, your angle is totally different from all the other journalists we have whose only duty is to follow politicians around to air their reactions on BBI. When I write my book, you will have enough mentions, my absentee mentor," Haron Ototo, a communications specialist, commented.

"Induction is for babies in the industry. Professionals report on day one and send their report in the evening with achievements of the day. It's like continuing from where you stopped," Rhonda Becks encouraged the journalist.

On moving to CNN and returning to cover stories in Africa, Larry had this to say.

"I've enjoyed reporting from the U.S. and around the world, but it's a real privilege to return to covering Africa at such a critical time in Kenya and around the continent.

"I have long admired CNN International's award-winning coverage, and I'm honoured to be joining such a talented team. I look forward to sharing the full spectrum of life in one of the most dynamic parts of the world with CNN's global audiences," the journalist said.