larry madowo interviews bills gates!

Larry Madowo and Bill Gates>

Larry Madowo and Bill Gates

by Muthoni Kimani September 17, 2020

Larry Madowo continues making Kenya proud, moving from a local news anchor to interviewing one of the most famous and wealthiest individuals the world has today. We can all agree he’s one of the most accomplished journalists in Kenya.

Larry shocked many with his recent announcement after revealing he would be interviewing American business tycoon Bill Gates across the BBC, on TV and radio and anyone across the world regardless of where they are would be able to have access to it;

“Catch my interview with Bill Gates all day today across the BBC, on TV and radio, wherever you are in the world.”

With the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions globally, Larry situated in Washington, DC, will have an online interview with the Microsoft co-founder who is in Seattle, as they discuss issues around the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

Larry stands as an award-winning BBC correspondent, anchor, writer and speaker having been named a Young Global Leader in 2020 by the World Economic Forum for his contributions to Journalism.

Many praised the journalist for representing Kenya well and prayed that he goes even further with his TV career.