lulu hassan celebrates rashid's birthday with affectionate message

Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla>

Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla

by Beatrice Ambasa April 19, 2021

Citizen TV Swahili news Rashid Abdalla was the center of attention as he turned a year older.

Taking to Instagram, his wife Lulu Hassan, fellow anchor, wished him a happy birthday in the sweetest way she knew.

 Lulu shared a selfie of the two in the Citizen TV studios, and accompanied with a caption that left many wishing they could have a similar relationship.


In her message, Lulu gushed over her best friend’s birthday saying that he was her support system, the father of her kids and her ride or die.

“Its my best friend's birthday, my co-anchor's birthday, my support system's birthday, the father of my kids birthday❤❤my ride or die ❤❤❤Jibambe @rashidyabdalla👗@illyafrank_official," read Lulu’s message.

Months back, speculations that their marriage could be breaking, filled the media with neither confirming or denying the rumors.

The allegations stemmed from multiple references that Rashid Abdalla made to Lulu Hassan where he kept on referring to her as a friend.

The Citizen TV news anchor did not clarify why he kept on calling his wife a good friend despite a number of the netizens raising concern.