ladasha belle spits food as she disses her father, dj mo’s cooking

DJ MO and Ladasha Belle Wambo [photo courtesy]>

DJ MO and Ladasha Belle Wambo [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa August 4, 2021

Famous gospel disk jockey DJ MO has left fans on social media cracking ribs after his daughter dissed his cooking skills.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, DJ MO put up a video where his daughter Ladasha Belle Wambo could be seen dissing a meal he had prepared citing that it was yucky and went ahead to spit in the sink.

“Honestly this kid will embarrass me one day 😂😂😂 2 minutes of embarrassment. I tried but I now even give up on on cooking 😂.

See how she exaggerates stuff 😢. @ladashabelle.wambo 😢 @size8reborn what are you laughing about 🤔...I need cooking classes guys … suggest for me a school or individual who can train me to be a 👨‍🍳” wrote DJ Mo.

The former NTV Crossover 101 DJ noted that he loves his daughter so much and he is willing to go back to class and improve on his cooking skills so that he can prepare proper meals for his family.

“I love my daughter so much and will do anything to keep her happy. I have thought about it and I’ve decided to pursue a catering course to boost my kitchen skills, because, if I don’t show her how to be treated, who will?” said DJ Mo.

In the video, Size 8 could be heard in the background laughing at the burnt rice which Dj Mo referred to as crunchy, something that most netizens found hilarious.