kipato unbranded makes stunning kenyan jewellery

Quality And Handmade Jewellery.>

Quality And Handmade Jewellery.

by Muthoni Kimani January 8, 2021

Kipato Unbranded is a social enterprise based in Kenya that is commissioning local artists to create unique and ethical jewellery for everyday people. The company disregards luxury jewellery prices and offers realistic prices for high, quality and handmade jewellery.

Kipato Unbranded artisans are given 50% of the profits made from their jewellery. The jewellery itself is highly sustainable and made with only local materials, including brass, recycled bone, and beads!

If you are into chic, quality, artisan-made jewellery, check out Kipato Unbranded. Their jewellery is inspired ‘by everyday people, for everyday people’.

The brand was founded in November 2015 by Marta Krajnik, a Kenyan by marriage and Polish by birth, prides itself in making simple yet timeless quality pieces that attract consumers both nationally and internationally.

Marta previously worked in the NGO world in the international development sector for organizations such as UNEP and Oxfam – empowering and impacting vulnerable communities has always been her ethos.

Kipato Unbranded works with artists from Kibera, Dagoretti, and a women’s collective in Rongai, providing them with an opportunity to make a sustainable income and better livelihoods for themselves.

Their pieces are made from recycled products, and the packaging and operations are eco-friendly, making it an environmentally responsible enterprise at the same time.

Kipato exports worldwide. It’s a new year, make sure you grab something from them.