khaligraph jones hits back at mcsk after audit report reveals royalties theft!

Rapper Khaligraph Jones>

Rapper Khaligraph Jones

by Muthoni Kimani September 10, 2020

Rapper Khaligraph Jones has hit back at Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) after an audit report by KECOBO revealed theft of artist's royalties. In a post shared on Instagram, Khaligraph said the report is not news since artists have been talking about it forever;

"The Audit was Unnecessary; We have been Saying this from The beginning, The Kenyan Entertainment industry keeps on Suffering, DJs, Artists, Event Organizers, Bouncers, Dancers Waiters, Club Owners, Restaurants etc."

Weeks after artists expressed their disappointment and frustrations,, a drastic audit was made among those corporate involved in collecting royalties for artists, with reports finally out clearly indicating that musicians' royalties had been swindled.

MCSK, Prisk and Kamp were among bodies majorly touched on by the audit from 2017 to 2019.KECOBO Chairman Mr Mutuma Mathiu released a statement;

"The non-compliance exposes the three societies to serious risk of misappropriation of funds, civil and criminal liability and loss of income from penalties and sanctions."

Since the release of the report, artists are now demanding for justice. Rapper Nonini had this to say;

"Finally, this has been a long time coming. We now demand action to be taken after the audit report and persons to be held responsible for any rot that has occurred in the CMOs."

On the other hand, Willy Paul held a knife on his hand while expressing his anger on his Instagram page saying;

"It's so sad that the government has failed to help the artists! Yaani tunaibiwa tu na hawa wazeee MCSKK and the rest! We don't work for you!! Some of us came from nothing like me and here you are, feeding your balls and ovaries with our money!!! Please if you see me, piga corner!!!

We demand an explanation, not only that... plus all the money you've stolen ama mtajua hamjui!"