kevin omwenga’s killer to face murder charges.

Omwanga,Obure and Obudo>

Omwanga,Obure and Obudo

by Muthoni Kimani September 8, 2020

Chris Obure and his bodyguard Robert Ouko are back in court to face murder charges over the death of their partner Kelvin Omwenga.

Police have been holding the two for the past two weeks as they investigate the incident in which Omwenga was killed in his bedroom on the seventh-floor of Galana Suites, by Ouko using Obure’s gun.

The court will decide on a way forward on what the two will be charged with murder. Police believe Omwenga was killed over an argument in a deal gone bad.

The incident happened a few weeks back, with evidence from a CCTV footage that shows at 10:31 pm Omwenga, had left the house shortly, he’s seen returning to his apartment in the company of a woman talking and giggling. Robert Ouko is seen following Omwenga and the woman into the house and leaves minutes later.

At 11:32 pm, Ouko returns to the house and leaves with the lady and two men carrying Omwenga, who by then was shot. At the parking lot, Omwenga is put in a blue car and driven off to the hospital while the lady remains behind with Ouko and can be seen walking towards the gate.

During the investigations, police raided Obure’s office and recovered two more guns that are now undergoing ballistic review.