kenyan singer akothee narrates how she almost lost her life.



by Helvine Achieng August 2, 2021

Kenyan singer Easter Akoth who is popularly known to many as Madam boss or Akothee has recently shared her night travel encounter where she revealed  that she almost lost her life. The mother of five took to social media to share the encounter. In the post, Akothee penned,

"POLICE OFFICERS FROM RONGO ALMOST CAUSED ME MY LIFE TONIGHT 😭😭😭These boys have been calling me non stop since I left for a meeting in KISUMU/ BUTERE I ,Left BUTERE at 8.00 pm & finished my last meeting IN KISUMU at 10.10 pm , the last call was at 10.15 pm👉Mum where are you now ? 🤔I was driving back to rongo , looking forward to hold my kids , opening my eyes wide as I was exhausted , I met the first road block at kendu bay ,And I wanted to stop the car by the road so I could sleep abit 🤔The phone calls from the boys won't stop .so I pushed myself ."


"At midnight I called my sister @cebbie_koks_nyasego told her I am on the road 🤔Mmm this got her worried she asked why I dint sleep in KISUMU ,and I told her the boys are on my neck ,and papa Oyoo has to catch a flight tomorrow.👉The road was clear today with no much police control apart from kendu bay, normaly I meet like 6 roadblocks before I get home.👉Upon reaching Rongo , a white wiered car pulled by the roadside , a g_ touring. Some people flashing lights from the car ,I dint bother ,I thought they were drunkerds or whatever. So we drove and , today there was no roadblock in Rongo ,👉Wait a minute ,when I was about to take a turn to my home this same car ,I left in Rongo , was chasing us , it pulled infront and blocked the road ,One guy in police unirfom jumped out as their car was still on motion shouting ,stop! stop! stop!I panicked and dint understand what was going on🤔, SO I told them kama nyinyi ni polisi ,kuja hapa station 🤔🤔🤔 I have panicked badly ,drove inside the nearby police station ,just incase they are police or thieves , hooted and no one came out it's 1.00 am. The station was also empty. A second thought came EEE ,hey this could be thieves ,trying to reverse ,I have caused a heavy accident, 😭😭Panick mode🤭I dint hear or saw my other chase car ,I was afraid they might have cought chege my driver , he was alone in the car 😭😭So I called chege after I arrived at the gate and my Chege handed over the phone to them My GOD🤭Ati Akothee my sister ,we just wanted to say hi to you , you love me ,so you chase me at night ? Shouting ! Instilling fear🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔."