kenyan singer, b strella making waves in china.

Kenyan Singer, B Strella Making Waves In China.>

Kenyan Singer, B Strella Making Waves In China.

by Helvine Achieng February 22, 2021

Kenyan Afro-Pop singer Bridget Moraa Ndemo is making major waves in China. She is a songwriter and a performing artist; hence this creates a major boost in her career, particularly in her limelight.

B. Strella attended Dalian Medical University in China to study medicine, but suspended her studies to pursue her music career that was her joy of pursuit. On her music journey, Strella released her first official single -Make a dollar, followed by -Heart talk, which became a successful hit raying her through the music industry.

The Afro -Pop singer draws her inspiration from J. Cole, Beyonce and Rihanna, the top sailors of the world entertainment industry.J. Cole is a rapper and producer who achieved success in the early 2010s. Since signing to Jay-Z's Roc Nation, and has sold huge amounts of records. Beyonce and Rihana have also had their successes in the entertainment industry and even ventured into businesses.

Like most individuals, there must be a force that moves you and for Strella, nothing moves her like this famous J Cole Quote since it inspires her to keep a tunnel vision while chasing after her dreams and fulfilling her purpose in life.

“KEEP GRINDIN’ BOY, YOUR LIFE CAN CHANGE IN ONE YEAR, AND EVEN WHEN IT’S DARK OUT, THE SUN IS SHINING SOMEWHERE.” Strella, not so long ago, released her epic latest song – Rendezvous, which received massive airplay. With that, we can reasonably describe her style of music as Afro Rnb, dancehall and Trap all fused together. The musician considers herself as one of the greatest artists of all time.

B.Strella has headlined several beer festivals in various cities in China.