Kenyan Jewellery Designer ADELE DEJAK Dresses Beyonce

Adele Dejak

by Muthoni Kimani August 7, 2020

Our Very own Kenyan designer Adele Dejak is among the designers whose creations have been worn by American singer Beyonce in her new video titled My Power.

Ms. Dejak has said that she was honoured to have gotten the opportunity to work with one of the world’s greatest entertainers;

“I have been really lucky because I have a huge fanbase; over the years I have met people who love my brand, and just networking. I received an email from one of Beyonce’s stylists asking us to send them some jewellery from our collection because Beyonce is going to do a video and they asked me if I was interested.

“I immediately agreed. We did not even know when the shoot would be. The stylist said that they were interested in some of the bold pieces that we already have.”

Beyonce released the song My Power on August 1st, and it has more than 500,000 views on Youtube.

The song will be among the songs in her latest album titled Black is King.

The talented designer went ahead and posted on her Instagram page;

Overwhelmed with joy at my creations being featured in Beyoncé video MY POWER.

Thanks so much for this initiative to promote African brands. We are all the Africa Renaissance*

Special thanks to @suzetteselman @beonciadunn @zerinaakers @black.owned.everything for your support.

Totally emotional that people I have never met are bending over backwards to help #AdeleDejak + so many more.


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