kenyan documentary nominated in the 17th abuja international film festival

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The Great Rift Valley

by Muthoni Kimani October 27, 2020

Kenyan film Mother Nature Manifestation in the Great Rift Valley by Francis Irungu has been nominated in the 17th Abuja International Film Festival scheduled for October 29 to November 1.

The documentary is 21 minutes and 30 seconds long. It revolves around the beauty and appreciation of nature.A grateful Francis said the nomination is one of the happiest moments in his film making career;

“The fact that my film has been nominated in a country that produces 50 - 100 movies per week, this is a win already," Francis urged Kenyans to support and pray for him during the festival and beyond.The film is about the Great Rift Valley begins with reference to the Earth's creation when water was separated to form dry land.

He went ahead and explained;

“Mother Nature then takes over and stamps its authority where through volcanic activities the Great Rift Valley is formed among other beautiful and attractive physical features in the Rift Valley,”

"The film intertwines all these beauties with an eye focused on tourism promotion. The documentary concludes with an emphasis on environmental protection so as to accommodate flora and fauna in this world just as God intended in the beginning."

Francis works in the Department of Film Services under the State Department of Broadcasting and Telecommunication in the Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology.