kenya to adopt digital solutions to recover economicaly from covid 19

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by PPP TV March 25, 2021

Yabani, the CEO of Abuja Technology Village FZ Co in Nigeria, said, "Kenya must utilize technology and innovation to search for solutions to the challenges it is facing."

(IASP) International Association of Science Parks and Areas Africa Division President Hauwa Yabani said technology has continued to emerge, and digital solutions' adaption is more critical now than ever.

She urged Kenyans to adopt digital solutions to achieve economic recovery from the impact of covid 19.

She said such development is vital for Kenya and Africa, and the rest of the world.

She spoke on the International Association of Science Parks and Areas (IASP) at the webinar that was put together by (Kotda)Konza Technopolis Development Authority. she added that digital solutions present numerous opportunities for African countries like Kenya.

And that covid 19 has shown us the importance of digital enhancement solutions in improving our way of living of a heavily populated continent of 1.3 billion she said. Yabani said the Covid-19 impact has caused failure to about 30 percent of small businesses, thereby begging for answers to how to leverage innovation to survive.

(AfCFTA, The African Continental Free Trade Area was created by AU in 2018 formes one continent for marketing goods and services and aims to promote the movement of capital and natural resources in Africa. The CEO of IASP Ebba Lund said African Countries should enhance collaborations and use available knowledge to advance their economies amidst the pandemic. He said there is a need to encourage collaboration between companies and research institutions. And utilize the science parks and create more favourable policies for advancing our knowledge about the economy, he insisted that it is very important for both organizations and African governments.

Her sentiments were seconded by NEPAD CEO Amb Samori Okwiya, adding, the Africa Union created a committee to deepen African education on science and remains essential to its development.

The AU has enacted a long-term agenda that extends to 2063 that articulates Africa's growth, competitiveness, and economic transformation in new digital solutions and other sectors. To effectively execute the agenda, science, technology, and innovation strategy is one of our pillars to make this happen, he said.