krg the done slaps woman with bundles of cash after she allegedly hit his car

KRG the Don  [photo courtesy]>

KRG the Don [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa April 23, 2021

Gengetone singer KRG the Don has brought social media to a stand still after a video of him having an altercation with a woman went viral.

We all know KRG as a boastful soul, living a flashy life with expensive cars and houses.

It is alleged that he has been running investments worth millions since his early youth stage. 

The Nyandus hitmaker is undoubtedly among the richest artists in the country, but does that excuse his misdemeanor?

In the video which has been widely shared, shows KRG shouting at an identified lady for hitting his car.

‘Sasa madharau imefika wapi wewe madam? Gari kadogo kama hii unakuja kugonga garo kubwa kama hii. Kwani corona imewa affect aje mpaka ata hamwoni? Sasa hii ni mambo gani unataka kunipatia katikati ya bara bara? Gari kidogo kama hii, bado unataka kusumbua watu town.’

He goes ahead and throws bundles of notes at her then drives off in his Toyota Landcruiser V8. Pedestrians formed a crowd to witness the drama he caused.

However netizens have argued that the video is all an act to get people to watch his recently released song featuring Khaligrapgh Jones dubbed full Kisunzi.

Some of the comments were:


Looks kinda staged🤔


Izi ndio kiki za wasanii wa kenya😂😂but still we ain't watching your song😂


krg angeact tu Maria😂😂😂


This is staged but the Nduthi guy smiled all the way to the side road