kim kardashian to assist in baby ayah’s medical cost

Kim Kardashian and Ayah and Mithika [photo courtesy]>

Kim Kardashian and Ayah and Mithika [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa May 26, 2021

Kim Kardashian has finally decided to help raise medical costs for baby Ayah.

To save her life, Aya needs around KSh 258 million to purchase the world’s most expensive drug, Zolgensma.

Via her Instagram stories, the Keeping Up With the Kardashian star shared a photo of baby Aya's GoFundMe account, indicating that well-wishers have thus far raised KSh 148 million. 

Kim shared another photo that highlighted the plight of Aya with her 223 million followers. 

 The little girl was diagnosed with SMA, a genetic disease that affects one in 10,000 children born globally.

 According to CNN, the disease kills nerve cells, causing infants’ muscles to waste away. 

This could lead to difficulty swallowing or even breathing. Faced with a daunting medical cost, Mithika and her Danish husband, Frank Lundt, reached out for assistance from Kenya and Denmark. 

Kenyan celebrities with the likes of Dr Ofweneke, Eric Omondi, Wahu Kagwi, Kwambox, Terence Creative, Robert Burale, MC Jessy and Betty Kyallo came to the aid of Ayah, some such as Wajesus family organizing a fundraiser.