kim jong-un orders crackdown against k-pop fans - calls the group 'a vicious cancer'

K-Pop and Kim Jong-un [photo courtesy]>

K-Pop and Kim Jong-un [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa June 12, 2021

North Korean politician Kim Jong-un has revealed that he views the rise of K-Pop and its fans as a serious threat to North Korean socialism.

Leaked documents from the North Korean government show Kim is running an anti-K-Pop campaign against what he calls the "vicious cancer" of South Korean pop groups. 

The docs, detailed in the New York Times, rip K-Pop to spread "anti-socialist" sentiment and corrupt the "attire, hairstyles, speech, behaviours" of the youth.

Kim, known as a brutal dictator, is reported to be ordering a crackdown against K-Pop fans.

The scary part is it's hard to say how far Kim would go to stem what he sees as a cultural invasion from South Korea and its boy bands.

While BTS and other K-pop groups are hurling infectious hits like "Dynamite"... Kim Jong-un has actual explosives.

Of course, K-pop's legion of worldwide fans are notoriously influential online -- but they'll be largely ineffective in North Korea, where Kim's regime keeps a tight grip on Internet access.