khaligraph reacts after octopizzo, and king kaka call him out for meeting dp ruto

Octopizzo, Khaligrapgh Jones and King Kaka [Photo courtesy]>

Octopizzo, Khaligrapgh Jones and King Kaka [Photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa April 27, 2021

Rapper Khaligraph Jones has decided to clap back at Octopizzo and King Kaka after they mocked him for meeting up with DP Ruto at his residence.

The Mazishi crooner threw shade at his critics, stating that they have turned into cry-babies who take to social media to yap after the fact that Khaligraph, who many consider as their rival, met the second most powerful person in the country.

In a post, Papa Jones shared a video of a famous Nigerian Actor crying, saying that was the situation of some rappers.

"Conversation between some of your Favorite Rappers right Now. ‘Imagine Bro, Khali aliitwa kwa DP meeting sisi tukaachwa tu’ MACHOSS TU. LUKU DROPS KESHO.. #RESPECTTHEOGS Bana smh" wrote Khaligraph Jones.

Khali's reaction came hours after Octopizzo took to his Twitter to Castigate musicians who met DP Ruto, calling them opportunists.

Octo claimed that the artists were using Covid-19 as a cover-up for who they truly are, saying, "So "Covid" imefanya "wasani" wakue opportunists. Niliwasho hizi watu ni mambleina wote mkadhani ni jokes sasa ona. 😂😂..Hizi gani.".

Octo's tweet prompted King Kaka to join the Conversation saying he thought Number Nane Finest was part of the delegation that went to DP Ruto's residence in Karen.

On Saturday, Khaligraph led a team of creatives to meet the Deputy President, William Ruto, after an invitation to the DP's home.

The team included: Rapper Nonini, DJ Joe Mfalme, Nadia Mukami, Jalang'o, Dj Shiti, Willy Paul, among others.