kfcb boss on the wrong side of kot after defending wajesus family

Ezekiel Mutua left, Wa Jesus Family right [photo courtesy]>

Ezekiel Mutua left, Wa Jesus Family right [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa May 10, 2021

Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua has again rubbed Twitter users the wrong way after supporting Kenyan YouTuber Kabi wa Jesus.

Dubbed the 'Moral Cop', Mutua told Kenyans to 'keep off' discussing Kabi's situation, a tweet that didn't augur well with Kenyans.

Mutua posted;

"Do not celebrate another person's downfall or accentuate the pain. If you can't help, comfort or pray for them, just leave them alone. We all have some difficult bends in life only that some people attract more public attention and drama. To Kabi and Milly, may God be with you!,"

His post quickly got immense reactions from his followers who called him out for supporting Incest.

Kenyans were also angered that Mutua has also been hypocritical with his statements.

Some of the comments read;

Mwangi Gitau

Deputy Jesus decided not to judge today.. Maybe it's coz the victims have a name Jesus attached


He publicly denied his own child to save face n brand n he was born again n payed after lying but it is what it is great that Abby has father rights kudos

Njeri wa Chege

Ohhhh okay great.... Incest.... Okay..... Abandon a child for 7 years...... Is okay...... Deny a child..... Still okay.... Lie to the entire nation... Ni sawa tuuu.... But a little segsy song and a twerk is where you draw the line!!!!!!


Where rebuke is needed, you seem to consistently be found on the wrong side.

We must love people enough to call out their sin. The Bible is clear: if anyone does not provide for his household, he is worse than an infidel.

Call them out! Before they become Kabi & Milly Ichabod!

Kabi has been the talk of town after he finally admitted that he sired a child with his cousin, 

months after denying and insisting that the kid was his niece.