kbc news anchor shiksha arora robbed in broad daylight

Shiksha Arora [photo courtesy]>

Shiksha Arora [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa June 22, 2021

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) presenter Shiksha Arora was yesterday mugged at the Globe roundabout flyover.

Through a thread on Twitter, the media personality recounted the ordeal where she was strangled and left to gasp for air as the culprit made his way with her wallet.

The incident, according to Shiksha, happened at around 5:20 PM where a guy knocked her side mirror, bending it backwards and walked away.

As Shiksha was rolling down the window to reposition the mirror, a second guy started banging the front seat passenger window loudly as a form of distraction.

The presenter further recounted that a third guy came into the picture and unlocked her car through the driver's window.

Apparently, the third guy reached for her purse, which had her phone, and while she attempted to block the robbery, she was stranged and left to gasp for air as she tried to get the attention of other drivers.

"As he was strangling my neck, I desperately gasped for air, I started hooting loudly to get some attention hoping somebody would help me. People started getting out of their cars and that's when he let go and fled. He went with my purse but I am TRAUMATIZED that he attacked me," 

Shiksha narrated.

Incidents of robberies and daylight muggings have been on the rise within Nairobi CBD with victims recounting their ordeals on social media.