kabi wa jesus demands full custody for abby

Kabi Wajesus, Abby and Ciku [photo courtesy]>

Kabi Wajesus, Abby and Ciku [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa May 20, 2021

Kenyan Youtuber Kabi Wajesus is alleged to be demanding full custody of his 7-year-old daughter Abby weeks after the DNA results proved that he is the father.

According to Kabi's cousin Ruth Wahu based in the USA, revealing the information at hand to blogger Edgar Obare, she stated that she is worried about the court case that will be held on May 28th to determine the responsibility of each parent to baby Abby.

She disclosed that Kabi Wajesus is being represented by a lawyer who is also a member of parliament in Kisii.

According to Ruth, Kabi's lawyer is trying to intimidate her baby mama's lawyer.

She mentioned that before the DNA test was released, Kabi Wajesus asked his cousin and baby mama Ciku not to disclose the matter or speak about it publicly.

Kabi Wajesus had denied being the father of baby Abby in a Youtube video he uploaded on January 2021 until a DNA test confirmed otherwise.

Ruth Wahu went on to say that Kabi Wajesus is making demands on what to offer the child instead of awaiting the court hearing.

Ruth accused Kabi of being full of pride and claimed that Kabi only apologized publicly because he feared losing brand endorsements.