just how rich is diamond platnumz? and what’s his net worth?

Diamond Platnumz>

Diamond Platnumz

by MoonBoy January 10, 2021

Diamond Platnumz who goes by his government names 'Nasibu Abdul Juma Issack' is undoubtedly one of the most iconic musicians to ever come out of the Tanzanian music scene and has also proved to be the best and most hardworking artiste from east Africa making a name for east Africa to the whole of Africa and the world.

Diamond rose to fame back in 2010 after releasing his debut album 'Kamwambie' and has ruled the airwaves throughout these eleven years and still is the one behind the mega-hit songs such as JEJE,TETEMA,INAMA and MARRY YOU.

He owns a record label called 'wasafi' and several other properties worth knowing. 1. Wasafi Records 2. Wasafi Tv 3. Wasafi Radio

Aside from his media houses, he also owns a perfume brand called 'Chibu Perfume' which he claimed to have taken several years to develop to release. The 31-year-old also has several houses from all over the continent including Rwanda, Kenya and South Africa with his main home in Tanzania that cost him a whopping 638,977$, which is 70 million Ksh.

The self-proclaimed 'ROLLS ROYCE MUSICIAN FROM AFRICA' also has a couple of cars and here's a list of his known vehicles. 1. Rolls Royce Phantom 2. Orange Ferrari 3. 2014 Hummer H3 4. Toyota Land Cruiser Sport Utility Vehicle 5. BMW X Series ( His favourite Car) 6. Toyota Land Cruiser SUV's

In 2014 Diamond's net worth was estimated to $4 Million. But over the years as he garnered a huge fan base and landed several lucrative endorsements such as being the official brand ambassador of 'Belaire' in Tanzania, it is safe to say that in 2021 Diamond Platnumz official net worth stands at $7million which is 766,780,000 in Kenya shillings.