jalas, otoyo and njoro promise to pay papa shirandula's daughter's school fees.



by Helvine Achieng July 21, 2021

Friends, fans and family of the late Charles Bukeko, better known as Papa Shirandula, recently marked the first anniversary of his death at Pride Inn Azure. At the event, Comedian Jalang'o, Otoyo and Njoro assured the family that Papa's daughter should never worry about school fees and that the three of them will settle that.

"The three of us, Njoro, Otoyo and I want to take it up and pay school fees from my daughter here. From now on, mum, we want you to bring us the fees structure whatever day it is. I will give you a check for now up until she is done with class eight and even when she goes to form one, do not be worried.

Because if Papa was here, he would have gotten her there and even take her to a better school. I want him to smile from above because if it wasn't for Papa, we wouldn't be here." Jalas spoke as Njoro and Otoyo echoed his words

Adding that, it is the promise and responsibility of the three of them.

"Our daughter will never, ever worry about school fees again. Mum, I promise you from today to her university, provided we are all alive, we will take total school fees from now till the end. 

Tomorrow being a Monday, mum, we will sort her whole primary cost by tomorrow. Three years from now, we will clear tomorrow, and from form one, we will pay from form one to form four, God willing. "