jalang'o steps out with wife

Jalango and His Wife>

Jalango and His Wife

by Muthoni Kimani June 8, 2020

Radio Presenter Jalango and his beautiful wife, Amina Chao, went out to have some fun, and he wanted the whole world to see how happy the two love birds were.

This is the first time Jalango and his wife were seen weeks after Jalang’o was caught up in a cheating scandal.

Although Jalang’o has always been secretive about his private life, he shared photos with his wife to prove that everything back at home was fine.

His wife, Amina, looked happy as she stuck her face next to that of Jalang'o and smiled for the camera each time it came close.

The Renowned MC posted enough videos and photos to capture their unforgettable day out, which included expensive Liquor bottles!