jalang'o gifts his gardeners gift worth thousands !

Jalang'o and his Gardeners>

Jalang'o and his Gardeners

by Muthoni kimani May 30, 2020

Lately, Jalango has been the talk of the town over the wrong things, but today we are addressing his good deeds !

The Milele FM radio presenter is proving to be one of the best bosses ever witnessed !

Unlike some bosses who don't interact with their gardeners or house helps, Jalang' o dines with his two gardeners and converse with them quite often.

The two gardeners have proven to be as funny as their boss. In the latest post shared on his Instagram page, Jalang' o is seen gifting his favorite friends with brand new expensive shoes and clothes; the likes of Jordans and Nikes !

With some 'leave time' on his hands, Jalango has gotten a chance to know these two men well, and surprisingly he has made new friends !