jamal roho safi's wife amira reveals how amber ray came into their lives

Jamal Rohosafi and his wives >

Jamal Rohosafi and his wives

by Beatrice Ambasa April 12, 2021

Jamal Roho Safi's first wife, Amira, has finally decided to speak about how Amber Ray managed to swoop in and complicated her marriage.


Taking to Instagram, the mother of two revealed her first encounter with the Kenyan socialite and how she came to be Jamal's Second wife.

According to Amira, Amber Ray called her and asked if she could buy baby clothes from her; after their first meeting, their friendship was born.

"I did not know her as I had come from Dubai for quite some time, so sikua najua what kind of a person she was. Nikachukua manguo and even asked her where she does her lashes."

Jamal's wife revealed that she will not let Amber Ray ruin her marriage of 17years, further stating that she and Jamal are still in a good place.

"17 years and counting, niende wapi? Nimekita kambi na sibanduki ngo! Me and Jamal come from way back. His mum was a friend to my late mum, so his mum is my mum, nampenda," she said.

"I used to talk to her until I realised kikulacho ki nguoni mwako."

 When asked how she feels about her husband posting about another woman, "Maembe ni ya msimu." Was her reply.

Months after Jamal and Amber Ray came public about their relationship, the mother of one revealed that she was legally married to Jamal as his second wife.

Following her reveal, Amber received a lot of criticism, stating that she should stop living in the love bubble she has created in her head.

A day after Amber Ray was called out, Jamal Rohosafi decided to come public and set the record straight by admitting that Amber is his second wife.

"Allow me to put to this matter to rest. Amber Ray is my legal wife and that's the truth. She did not use any juju on me as it's being claimed. I am the one who knowingly went after her, hit on her and later married her."

Following the post, Amber Ray thanked him for standing by her.