ibraah- ‘i promised my fans good music i’m delivering!’

Tanzanian singer Ibrah>

Tanzanian singer Ibrah

by Muthoni Kimani February 10, 2021

Tanzanian singer Ibrah is in the country for a media tour. The singer, signed under Harmonize's record label ‘Konde Music Worldwide’, is here to promote his EP, 'Karata Tatu'.

Ibrah clarified this is his second EP, which has three songs. "In these songs, you get to see what I can do. I have outdone myself, and as I promised my fans good music when I was starting, I think this is just but the beginning,"

The first song from the EP, 'Nimpende' is already out, which is a love ballad. His first EP is called 'Steps'. Famed for the song 'One Night Stand', Ibraah says it is not based on personal experience. "I was just being creative as an artiste and then Harmonize surprised me by putting a verse," he said.

Ibraah has also revealed that he is already working with a Kenyan artist whom he declined to name for the time being.

"Anything can happen (working with a Kenyan act)but it would not be justice leaving Kenya without doing something. So I must leave you guys with something that will never be forgotten.”

Talking of the artists who have impressed him the most he said; There are very many big Kenyan artists, my brothers who are doing a great job, some of whom I listen to. The likes of Otile Brown and Sauti Sol and any others.

The young talent also spoke about his relationship with his boss, Harmonize, whom he described as an 'honest brother' to him. “Harmonize is like my brother and above all, he is a humble guy. He always corrects me and guides me in everything and he is an open guy who has taught me a lot in life.”