i was broke and in ksh 15million debt while working at the state house - big ted.

Big Ted>

Big Ted

by Muthoni Kimani January 14, 2021

Former State House events and marketing promoter Thomas Kwaka popularly known as Big Ted says while working for the Statehouse as Director of Brand Strategy and events, he was broke and in deep debt.

Big Ted said he did not want to take any shortcuts to make money;

"I started a leading event company, I ran it for 15years, and I became bankrupt. In my life, I have been bankrupt twice, the latest being three years ago. I was working for the Statehouse; you can be in the kitchen and not eat the meat."

"People would say you are stupid, but some of us value our name more than money. I have had opportunities to do wash wash,to do crazy deals even while at State House. I have stories of how God miraculously removed the bullet on the war, right now I would have been in Kamiti. God removed me just in time; he made sure that my heart refused to do this thing; it was the simplest thing you can ever do."

While in 15Million debt, the entertainment guru says he was saved by a woman who bought his company including his debt;

"I have been honoured to work with the head of state. I believe life is more than money, power and influence. I ran my company for 15 years, and many things, including financial mismanagement, ran down the company, I had a debt of 15 Million."

Ted added; "I want to thank a very kind lady,God used her to remove me from the whole. She came and bought my company plus the debt. I will never forget what she told me, "if we agree today nobody you owe money has to call you again, we shall handle it." I left there with nothing but free. God gave me another chance." Big Ted concluded by saying;

"I have made mistakes, with my life, family, social and spiritual life. I am a great example of mistake-making, but I am also a great example of God's grace."

Big Ted's company majored in marketing, communications and hospitality. The services included; consultancy services in marketing, communication, event management, merchandising, media management and liaison, artist management and production.