i almost missed my slot in beyonce's black is king album, yemi alade reveals.

Yemi Alade>

Yemi Alade

by Muthoni Kimani February 5, 2021

Popular Afro-pop singer Yemi Alade has revealed how she ghosted American Singer Beyonce for two months, unknowingly. Speaking in an interview, Yemi Alade revealed they ignored Beyonce's email for two months.

"It took a while. Maybe a month or two, I think even someone came to Nigeria trying to meet me. We thought it was a scam email, I wasn't the one receiving the emails, my management was, and the thing is that you have to be a crazy beyond fan like me to know her company's name is 'Parkwood'.

My manager was telling me that he keeps getting these messages from Parkwood. He sounded very irritated and he was thinking of maybe blocking the email and I asked him what did you say? Did you say 'Parkwood?'.I said that Beyoncé!!!!…"

Immediately after learning of her manager's error Yemi Alade immediately boarded a plane to Las Vegas and made her way to Beyoncé's studios.

"Eventually, my manager and I had the conversation with them, and then they were already almost two weeks to the end of the production. I eventually got to the office, and we went to see the manager in Los Angeles. I had no talking or singing voice; I was just weak. I get the opportunity to get this far, and I have no voice!

But luckily, I got a lot of vitamin shots and throat teas, and I pretty much went into hibernation mode where I did nothing but nourished my body. Eventually, I had a somewhat talking-singing voice. I got into the studio and somehow, we were able to do this."

Yemi Alade was featured as a guest artist on Beyonce's "Black Is King" visual album, a sequel to the 2019 "Lion King: The Gift" album.