Huddah Monroe Unveils Past Photo From Drug Abuse Days!

Socialite Huddah Monroe>

Socialite Huddah Monroe

by Moses Onyango January 14, 2021

Socialite Huddah 'Njoroge' Monroe has been the town's online talk for the past five years, ever since being featured on one of Africa's biggest shows ever 'Big Brother Africa'.

Before the classy glamourous life and expensive world trips, Huddah was just another socialite trying all sorts of drugs and even came clean to admitting that she was hooked to different kinds of drugs making her a victim to deep addiction.

But thanks to her family and friends, the gorgeous model pulled through all that and coincidentally at the same time she was getting over her relationship with Kenyan hip hop rapper Prezzo. She has tried several drugs, but the only one she has ever admitted to using is Marijuana.

Recently she came clean on her Instagram with a picture of her from back in the actual days showing a very petite pretty looking huddah that captioned;

"Fresh from drug abuse! You see the shine not the struggle. I am Blessed, I overcome. I will never be defeated"

However, she remains grateful to have overcome this experience that would have left her dead or ruined her life. Huddah wrote.