harmonizes ex-wife sarah spotted with new mzungu boyfriend

Sarah Michelotti with new boyfriend>

Sarah Michelotti with new boyfriend

by Beatrice Ambasa April 29, 2021

It seems Harmonize's ex-wife Sarah Michelotti is finally over her relationship with the Bongo star.

The lad was spotted getting cozy with her alleged new Mzungu Boyfriend months after dumping Harmonize.

Sarah took to her social media pages to share the photo with her new Bae before quickly deleting it, but the social media gang had already taken a screenshot.

It is alleged that Ms. Michelotti's new man goes by the name Manuelsante Penzara on social media.

In March, the divorce between Harmonize and his Italian Wife Sarah Michelotti took a new twist after she moved to court demanding an equal share of all the properties they made as a couple.

Sarah disclosed that she is in the final stages of her divorce with Konde Boy and one of her demands is to have a share of the wealth they created together.

"I decided to leave because Harmonize changed a lot last year starting in March. He used to leave me alone at home and at night he sleeps outside without telling me. He started to disrespect me and the situation became very bad. So I went back to Italy in July 2020 during Corona. I stayed in Italy for two months but he never asked me to come back" said Sarah in part.

Sarah ended her affair with Harmonize back in December last year; after it emerged, he cheated on her and even sired a child out of wedlock.

A frustrated and disappointed Sarah revealed that she had been through a lot with Harmonize, but she has decided to end the relationship and walk out of their marriage that was barely two years.