happy 2nd birthday! harmonize throws daughter superb birthday party

Zulekha Konde's birthday [photo courtesy]>

Zulekha Konde's birthday [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa June 3, 2021

Over the weekend, Konde Gang President Rajab Abdul Kahali, aka Harmonize, threw an exquisite Birthday party for his daughter Zulekha Konde upon turning two years.

The party was graced by a good number of friends, family and the Konde Gang crew, who could be seen enjoying themselves to the fullest.

The occasion also saw Konde Boy link up with his Baby Mama Nana Shanteel for the first time in an event involving their daughter.

"LOVE 💘 OF MY LIFE @zuuh_konde (2) ❤ 🎂🎂🎂" shared Harmonize.

The singer first introduced his daughter to the public on December 3rd 2020, after years of denying he had sired a kid out of wedlock.

At that time, Konde Boy mentioned that he regrets hiding and not being proud of his daughter of one year and seven months.

He went on to ask for forgiveness for not creating time for his blood out of fear of breaking his marriage with his now Ex-wife Sarah Michelotti. Harmonize's baby mama is called Nana Shanteel.