gospel singer mercy masika pleads with netizens to lend a helping hand to struggling artists during the lockdown

Mercy Masika>

Mercy Masika

by Helvine Achieng April 3, 2021

Gospel singer Mercy Masika recently took to her social media to address artists' unspoken living situations considering the new Government directives. The musician called on Kenyans to frequently check up on their favourite entertainment celebrities, explaining that not all of them lived as lavishly as many assume.

With entertainment operations put on hold, the singer pleaded with 'netizens' to extend their financial support to artists in need to help them get through the challenging economic times.

"Some music fans have the impression that all musicians are rock stars living out lavish lives. As you know, this is not the case for the overwhelming majority of artists who rely on regular gigs just to make ends meet.

"At this time in Kenya, Artists and Musicians need your fans to support them. If you know, an Artist reach out to them. Many sectors have challenges, but how can we help each other.

If yours is prospering, We Thank God but don't laugh at us," she wrote.