gigy money lectures eric omondi on cancelling wife material 2



by Helvine Achieng May 24, 2021

Tanzanian singer and video vixen Gigy Money has expressed displeasure in the cancelling of wife Material season two show for the second time. In a bitter rant, Gigy stated that Omondi doesn't respect women hence  subjecting  her to trolls by insinuating that she was the main cause for the cancellation of the show.

Gigi further threatened to spill the beans on why the show was being cancelled.

“So Erick you call me here nitukanwe cos unapata deals and uwarekodi watu bila kujijua unatufanya sisi vituko, you know what you will regret this and you will never forget your wives ... do even have a sister Erick if I tell people why the show is not continuing will you blame me 😡😡😡” wrote Gigy Money.

Gigy Money

“Your Brother Erick wants to trend, that’s why I get paid but he doesn’t have respect for women and he make Us fight so he can get content. You want show but you don’t care about woman or hoe Material, he doesn’t know who are and I don’t give a fvck” said Gigy Money.

On Sunday, Eric announced that the continuation of Wife Material Season 2 had been cancelled “We say farewell to Season two”.

“Sadly, It seems #WifeMaterial2 was never meant to happen, but we can still say it happened in away, actually twice. The show was to begin tomorrow as has been heavily advertised but unfortunately that won't be so.

Unfortunately one of the Contestants went Completely and utterly "Rogue" and despite numerous attempts to Control the situation the atmosphere in the house has not been conducive for the show to continue. We say farewell to Season two. Season 3 will Start almost immediately ``noted Omondi.