gospel singer ringtone apoko allegedly arrested – fans react

Ringtone Apoko arrested>

Ringtone Apoko arrested

by Beatrice Ambasa April 8, 2021

Gospel musician Ringtone Apoko is alleged to have been arrested and taken to police custody, according to a video that has surfaced online.

The self-proclaimed chairman of the gospel industry in the video is seen dragged by men who are law enforcers.

The video, which was shared earlier this morning, has since attracted many reactions from fans who have gone above and beyond to speculate what the singer could have done to earn such gruesome treatment.

A section of netizens claim that justice has finally caught up with the Zoea Mawe hitmaker after socialite Bridget Achieng claimed that he sexually harassed her in his studio.

It's easy to believe that Ringtone has fallen into the police's hands, but we still can't ignore the fact that East African musicians thrive in clout chasing.

Most of his fans have stormed social media claiming that the video is just an act to get people talking about his name, making him relevant, while others argue that this could be a music video and fans should wait for Ringtones' release date new song.

Hours before the video surfaced, Ringtone took to his Instagram account and posted, 'Without me your lives would be boring'; clearly showing that he had something entertaining in store for his fans.

Though his efforts to deceive social media users, enthusiastic netizens have done their investigations and revealed loopholes in the video with a video of being arrested.

One Tweet pointed out that the police officer's uniform was not the actual police officer uniform, the fact that the car ferrying Ringtone to the police station was a private car. The fact that a video camera was spotted in one of the photos clearly showing that this was a music video and not an actual arrest.

The singer has since gone MIA as his fans are eagerly waiting for him to address the claims that he was arrested.