gospel artist mr seed bashed for flaunting bundles of money

Mr. Seed>

Mr. Seed

by Beatrice Ambasa April 8, 2021

Gospel artist Mr Seed has found himself on the wrong side of Kenyans, following a post he made last evening on his Instagram account.The father of one posted a video himself flaunting bundles of Dollar notes, a post that did not sit well with his fans.

The post attracted many reactions, with many bashing him for showing off and being boastful when many Kenyans are going through a financial crisis following the lockdown directories.

The Cheki hitmaker accompanied this particular video with an audacious caption that read 'We May Be on Lockdown, but the Pocket is still On Upgrade.'

It didn't take a second after fans stormed the comment section, calling him out on his post.

Kenyans made sure to point out that they will not be involved with fundraising if things go south for Mr Seed after his boastful actions.

It is arguably true that most felt offended by the fact that celebrities flaunt their lavish lifestyle and later ask for financial assistance after they have become incapable of providing for their families.

Some of the comments included:

bilha_nyawera --Kitu funny ni watu wana pesa hata huwa hawaonyeshani kwenye mitandao

ever.254--Show off.try to put some things private.kuna wenye wako above wewe but hawazionyeshi

stacymaronga--I take this as show off if you guys are good and christian stop acting like Apoko

judynjerimaina--Wow! Thought you are wise but nah..... Ckujui hivyo bro

dennis_muga--Bora baadaye tusipewe paybill number

The Star Born boss has since remained mum, not replying to a single comment on his post.