former tahidi high actor omosh regrets asking for help.

Omosh [Photo courtesy]>

Omosh [Photo courtesy]

by Helvine Achieng June 30, 2021

Former Tahidi High actor Omosh has recently apologised to Kenyans for asking for financial help again a few months after they raised money to assist him. In an interview with TV47, Omosh stated, some people did not come through on their promise to help him and further requesting for a camera, tripod, lights and a microphone to produce his planned comedy show.

"I used most of the money to pay debts that had accumulated, school fees for my kids – nilikuwa nimekaa one year, four months bila kulipa."

"Some things are being escalated, and I do not know why. If by any chance I have offended anyone, I apologise," Omosh said.

The actor further stated that he regrets doing the interview where he asked for help a second time.

"I did not expect that interview to blow out that much. I am an actor, and sometimes we say things that turn out to be serious. I am ready to rise back. At the moment, I am jobless, but I have received a few offers," he said.


"My biggest regret is going for that interview. I wish I did not go."

Speaking of going to rehab again, Omosh said a few people are reaching out and encouraging him, and to him, rehab ain't an option since he has been there twice.

"I have been to rehab twice. For now, I am not drinking and if people want to confirm, let them come to the ground," he said.

"Rehab can only be a personal decision. I have to involve my family as well. No one can be forced to go to rehab. I do not see the point of going back to rehab, but I think visiting a counsellor once in a while would be the best option for me."