former tpf star david major rescued from the streets

Former Tusker Project Fame Star David Ogola Alias 'D Major'>

Former Tusker Project Fame Star David Ogola Alias 'D Major'

by Muthoni Kimani November 19, 2020

Kenyans were shocked after photos of former Tusker Project Fame star David Ogola alias D Major circulated the internet recently. Tony Ingosi spotted the once vibrant singer and songwriter in Mirema drive in Roysambu Nairobi where he has been squatting on the streets for some time according to residents; all has not been well for David.

The singer was approached by one Tony Ingosi who recognized David as a TPF 2 contestant and the two got to talk with David revealing that his family and friends had utterly deserted him.

Tony narrated;

“I was heading out when I saw a man who was barefoot and unkempt. When I took a closer look, I noticed it was David so I engaged him in a conversation and he told me that his friends and family had deserted him. I gave him a pair of shoes because I didn’t feel comfortable highlighting his plight with him being barefoot. He looked aloof like he was unaware of what was happening and he didn’t want me to host him for the night. He preferred to spend the night in a club in the area.”

Tony Ingosi’s revelation moved people, a woman by the name Margaret decided to look for David and offer a helping hand. With the help of former TPF star and current comedian Alvan Gatitu they successfully traced the whereabouts of David. They got him better clothes and even gave him a fresh hairdo.

They revealed that David had fallen into drug abuse and that they will have to cater for his rehabilitation expenses where he is to get counseling and get back to his usual self.

David Major’s adopted sister also showed up in support as they took him to the hospital to be examined by the doctors.

Alvin wrote;

“Lots of things have knocked David out of shape. The immediate thing he needs right now is rehab and counselling. Then build something he can fall back on once he comes out of the clouds.”

Kenyan personalities among them Catherine Kamau known to many as Kate actress painfully wrote;

“My heart is broken into pieces . A good Samaritan found him.@alvangatitu is with him now ,guys do you know any rehabilitation facilities and an affordable trauma counsellor .” Fans openly shared details of individuals they believed could help in getting the former TPF contestant in shape.

Alvin later added;

“We have picked him up and taken him to hospital. A team of physicians are looking into him and sorting him out physical and psychiatrists. We appreciate everyone who has called concerned asking how they can help lift David. The plan is to get him clean inside and out and also build something for him to fall back to once he is out of the woods.”