former kansoul member kid kora claims mejja and madtraxx conned him

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The Kansoul

by Muthoni Kimani February 23, 2021

Former Kansoul member Kidkora, has recently shed light on why he left one of Kenya's most successful music groups. The Kansoul consisted of Mejja, Madtraxx, and Kidkora, but Kidkora ended up leaving in 2019. Mejja and Madtraxx have never come out to explain the real reason why Kora left the Kansoul.

According to Kid Kora, Mejja and Madtraxx were the main reasons why he left Kansoul. Kora revealed that he was having a torrid time with the group due to its toxicity. He revealed that Mejja and Madtraxx were supposed to share money earned by the crew together equally.

However, instead of sharing it with him, The two took all the money including his and spent it on themselves.

He posted; "Mafans wakiuliza mbona umekonda na wakona vitambi." "Nijuu chakula ni ya watu watatu, lakini sahani ni mbili."

He added; "Am the one with the name of the thug but y'all are the real wakoras. Funny how I left this group and everything toxic in my life. Then things changed for me, started putting on some weight, confidence is up the roof, hair growing and skin glowing."

We've not heard from former Kansoul member Kid Kora for quite a long time. After parting ways with Kansoul, Kora has since been silent. However, it seems like the three have not made peace with each other just yet.

As a group, Kansoul had achieved a lot! They were nominated for MAMA's 2016 listeners' choice award. However, they, unfortunately, lost to South Africa's Jay Prazah. It's also important to note that they all had successful music careers before they merged.