former harambee stars coach dennis oliech talks on whether he regrets turning down sh200 million to change citizenship

Dennis Oliech>

Dennis Oliech

by Helvine Achieng April 16, 2021

Former Harambee Stars captain Dennis Oliech stated then that turning down the offer to change citizenship  was “probably a wise decision”.In 2004, the goal-machine, aged nineteen at the time, received a reported Ksh 200 million offer to change citizenship.However, Dennis turned down the offer and chose to retain his Kenyan citizenship stating,

“I believe I have made the right decision. I love my country and would not take anything to change my identity,” he told Daily Nation at the time.

With tough times here and ahead for everyone,Oliech has conflicting feelings about his decision. Speaking in an interview with Mozzart bet, Oliech said he would have taken up the offer if it came from a European country.

“I would say I am 50-50 because right now if I’m offered that amount I will take it but it’s too late,” he said when asked whether he regrets declining the offer.

“The way I know Arab countries was probably a wise decision then. You can have the money but will not enjoy peace. There are people in Kenya working there and they are not having an easy time, if it was a European country, of course, I would have changed my nationality.”

Oliech also disclosed that his career took a nosedive when he left Europe to ply his trade in Dubai and that's why he would advise most players to go to Europe because it's the best footballing destination.

“My career took a hit when I left Ajaccio for Dubai, that is when I left the European limelight. I wish I remained in France – even if it meant playing in the Second or Third division. 

“I would advise most of the players to go to Europe because it is the best footballing destination, you should only go to Asia when you are about to retire from the game.”

“My advice to them is don’t be like Oliech, be more than Oliech That is why I am saying we need more professional football academies in Kenya to nurture these kids.

“Most of the academies now ask for high fees and that is why I am saying the Federation needs to set up these structures which will in turn, ideally feed the Under 14, Under 17 and Under 20 junior National teams. This will set us up for success,” he said.

Oliech  has also revealed that he is considering a move to South Africa.

“I got a call from [Former Kenya head coach] Adel Amrouche who asked me if I’m still playing and I said yes. He told me he can get a club for me in South Africa and it is something I have been thinking about. I intend to resume full training soon – I think I still can play for a season or two.”