firirida is the content we want says kfcb boss ezekiel mutua!

Benga Musician Dick Munyonyi 'Firirida>

Benga Musician Dick Munyonyi 'Firirida

by Helvine Achieng February 26, 2021

When it comes to Entertainment and Music trolls in Kenya, we can’t miss the KFCB Boss's name on the definition of what is right and healthy for consumption. The KFCB boss has endorsed the trendy Kikuyu song Firirinda stating that it's the kind of content they advocate for.

Ezekiel Mutua brought to his social media an explanation of what Firirnda entails. Firirinda is a traditional song that depicts the warmth and joy of welcoming visitors.

“FIRIRINDA (Free rinda) is the kind of content we want. It's a nice traditional song based in Kenya's culture. The song is approved by KFCB for consumption by people of all ages. It depicts the warmth and joy of welcoming visitors (the African way)!” reads Mutua tweet.

The song Firirinda has been a trending topic in Kenya, especially on Twitter exactly 35 years after its release. The hit resurfaced when radio presenter Jeff Kuria shared it on his Facebook and so far it has taken the internet by storm.

Politicians too are not left behind in the trends and just recently, Muranga, Kiambu, and Nyeri county assembly used the hit to celebrate the passing of the BBI bill.

The benga musician (Dick Munyonyi) began his career in 1971 and he even had the golden chance of performing at President Uhuru Kenyatta's wedding in 1989.