fifa connects footballers and musicians via podcast

Fifa Connects Footballers  And Musicians Via Podcast>

Fifa Connects Footballers And Musicians Via Podcast

by Helvine Achieng January 19, 2021

Fifa has launched FIFA sound, a new entertainment strategy designed to create innovative connections between the football fans, music enthusiasts, players, artists, the game and the songs they love. Fifa's director Jean Pathy stated that the vision of the creation is to make football global, accessible.

"The crossover between football and music underscores this wider cultural relevance. Both are universal languages and have the power to create unrivalled emotions. It's a natural fit to bring them together."

Fifa sound will kick off with the launch of on 8 episode podcast series hosted by Universal Music groups global chart artist Liam Payne and co-hosted by Jaydee Dyer a sports broadcaster. The podcast is set to pair star football players with musicians for unforgettable conversations.

"In each episode, celebrated footballers from around the world will discuss transformative moments in their careers – on and off the pitch – through the songs that have provided a soundtrack to their lives. The players will be joined by an award-winning musician who inspired them as they explore the interplay between music and football in their lives."

The executive vice president of the Universal Music group for brands furtherly added that the podcast would bring together two of the worlds biggest and most influential passion points, Football and Music, creating a series of unique fan experiences.

"Starting with the launch of the PlayOn Podcast series, these initiatives will showcase the symbiosis and shared bonds between the world's best footballers and musicians alongside the fans that idolise them globally."