from jua cali to ntv; kenyan artists and media houses that nailed april fools day pranks

April fools day>

April fools day

by BEATRICE AMBASA April 3, 2021

April fools day has over the past years been one of the few interactive holidays that has left many glued to social media, and this year was not any different.

Some of our celebrities and media houses decided to pull a number on us, and you could tell from the reaction that many fell for the clever yet calculated tricks.


Following President Uhuru's lockdown speech last week, a campaign was started asking the president to unlock the country so that people could resume work and make a living. We cannot deny that social media has been tensed with many hoping that the president may heed their plea and address the nation.

Let's just say that Nation Media Group used the tension to trick Kenyans into believing that Uhuru would address the nation this morning and finally lift the lockdown and curfew orders. Taking to their YouTube channel, NTV used President Uhuru Kenyatta's thumbnail and captioned the live Video "Coming up: Presidential address". This saw thousands of people hitting the notification button only to realize that they were looking at normal programming. They would not be hearing the famous phrase "My fellow Kenyans" from President Uhuru Kenyatta.


If there's any prank that Kenyans fell for, it would have been the one pulled by the star. Following the death of Sarah Obama, The Star decides to trick Kenyans into believing that Obama will be jetting in for his grandmother's burial. The star went ahead and wrote a whole news article that they updated on all their social platforms leaving many eagerly waiting to welcome the former US president back home, well, apart from the few who were bright enough to note that the story was not on their official website, connected the dots and pointed out the cracks in the story, terming the information false.


Definately, not to be left behind on the trend, Genge artist Jua Cali decided to drop a bombshell on his followers by announcing that he has officially quit Music. Taking to his Instagram account, the Karibu Nairobi crooner stated that covid -19 complications had weighed him down and hence his decision. Jua Cali, who posted a photo that read, "Very sad day today, I have decided to retire from music too much pressure from this covid thing. On new and better things," captioned it saying: "Sadly I am hanging the mic today. 20years is enough. On to New and better things. #sadday." For over two decades, the 42-year-old artist who has been in the music industry almost pulled it off with his prank, considering most of his fellow celebrities fell for it. It's safe to say most people still don't believe him, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


Actor and DJ Pierra Makena also jumped in with her prank that backfired on her face as soon as it hit one like. The mother of one decided to surprise her fans with the news of the year after she posted an engagement ring on her finger, insinuating she was finally engaged. She accompanied this photo with a caption that read, "Its yes #TOLOVE. About last night…. Birthday months starts well!" Her fans could not wait to remind her that it was fools day, with many commenting that such tricks cannot fool them.