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Friends reunion [photo courtesy]>

Friends reunion [photo courtesy]

by Beatrice Ambasa May 28, 2021

It's no surprise that one of the biggest sitcoms of all time absolutely dominated the social media conversation -- even in the middle of the night -- when the long-awaited "Friends: The Reunion" special finally dropped on HBO Max.

It was nearly two hours of reminiscing for the cast, as we jumped from them sharing stories and unseen clips on a recreation of their very first sets to an interview segment with James Corden in front of the iconic opening credits fountain.

Overall, it was the segments back on the set -- including the brilliant trivia game with surprise appearances from guest stars past -- that really brought this special to life.

It was far more impactful seeing these old friends experience that nostalgic rush together than having them sit there and have to endure weird things like a "Friends" fashion show or a way-too-short hello from Gunther actor James Michael Tyler.

We will have to give credit to Corden for asking one of the most obnoxious questions in media of any reunion special -- were there any hookups on the show? -- for perhaps the sweetest revelation of the whole special.

"Well, I mean David--" Jennifer Aniston started, as the audience erupted in cheers.

"Yeah, I mean the first season we--" David Schwimmer started, before correcting himself. "I had a major crush on Jen."

"It was reciprocated," she said quietly.

We loved that while talking about this on the set -- so it did come up even before Corden asked about it -- the rest of the cast admitted that they all knew about this, even if the audience was finding out right now for the first time. 

When chatting on the set, Courtenay Cox said that in a way, it was almost better that they never actually were able to explore their relationship. The fact it helped fuel so much authenticity into Ross and Rachel was a huge part of the show's longevity and success.