ezekiel mutua warns embarambamba over raunchy video

Ezekiel Mutua & Embarambamba  [photo courtesy]>

Ezekiel Mutua & Embarambamba [photo courtesy]

by Helvine Achieng May 25, 2021

KFCB Boss  Ezekiel Mutua on Monday warned Chris Mosioma popularly known  to many as  Embarambamba after a video of the self-proclaimed gospel musician  dancing suggestively with a lady in a club surfaced online.

Through a tweet, Mutua stated that the musician  had crossed the line and there will be consequences to his actions.

“Embarambamba, that's gross! You have crossed the line and there are consequences!” wrote Mutua.

Just a month ago, Mutua offered to help Embarambamba. Through a tweet, Mutua said his attention had been drawn to the artist's theatrics which he described as embarrassing.

“Embarambamba on the Trend on NTV, says his theatrics are because of poverty. He's asking for help. Bro come, let's talk. You don't have to do this madness for likes on social media.

“Come let's find a way out. You sound ok, but your theatrics are embarrassing & must be moderated!” said Mutua.

Reacting to the video, some fans had this to say. 

I said here, Embarrassed (whatever his name is) is hanging between creating a celebrity tag and self-destruction, this line is too thin - there are consequences.

Paul Owuor: I totally agree with you. His videos should be banned with immediate effect. What I saw today is total nonsense!

Charles Otieno: It's high time he acted his age. He's gone overboard. Does the man have a family! Parents! Relatives and friends?

Josephine Kyumwa: And just like that, embarambamba has destroyed a brand he worked hard to built