ex-ntv journalist lolani kalu narrates on struggles after losing his job

Former NTV Journalist Lolani Kalu >

Former NTV Journalist Lolani Kalu

by Muthoni Kimani October 1, 2020

We all remember how he used to make us smile with his stories. But after seeing photos of former NTV journalist Lolani Kalu making rounds on social media, things are different now. Lolani was one of the journalists who changed the local media industry.

Lolani Kalu has opened up on his struggles after losing his job, a situation that forced him to retreat to the village. Kalu explained where things took a turn in life after being conned of millions and left with the burden of having to take care of his parents without a dime in his pocket;

"I have been focusing on stories of arts and culture which is my passion, my struggles started when someone conned me around Ksh. 1.5 million. I was just a bout to build a house when he conned me;

"I did some job with a company, but again they did not pay me my dues. That, coupled by the fact that I had a sick dad to cater for really dented my pockets."

Lolani lost his job at NTV back in 2017 and now lives in Kaloleni, Kilifi county. After losing money he intended to use in putting up a bungalow along Kangundo Road, he rented a house in the village. Kalu also set up his own production house, but things didn't go as planned;

"I'm not really appealing for money because right now most people are on a tight budget, but if anyone can help me set up a proper production company, I will be grateful."

He went ahead and explained;

"The story has trended on social media, in fact, the person took a photo of me, I don't even have a smartphone myself. I have been out of touch with some people,they even thought I had died."

Kalu spends his time in the village where most youth look up to him for advice and financial assistance due to his past status he says it's not easy and feels like he let them down.

He is looking to work on a number of documentaries once he gets assistance with teenage pregnancies being one of the topics he aims to focus on.