embakasi mp babu owino reacts to embarambambas raunchy viral video



by Helvine Achieng May 26, 2021

Embakasi MP Paul Ongili popularly known as  Babu Owino has weighed in on the raging debate surrounding a viral video of Embarambamba.The Mps comments  comes after the artist was recorded dancing with a woman in a compromising situation.

Babu stated that  the artist should be lauded for dancing with fellow humans given that he is known for dangling on trees, animals and also rolling in the mud while performing his songs.

“We need to at least celebrate Embarambamba. He has stopped climbing trees and is now climbing people. What an improvement. Look at life from the positive side,” Babu took to Facebook.

The latest video of Embarambamba has generated a lot of negative  buzz on social media after he was recorded dancing on top of a woman. To most, they castigated the artist for going overboard though the musician defended  himself saying the dance complemented the content of the song.

“Lakini ile kitu nataka niambie wakenya ni kwamba, kabla haujacomment, angalia the statement of the song ambayo inasema umetoa wapi upusi ya kufanya hivi vitu ya upusi wapi (What I want to say is that before you comment on the video footage assess the statement of the song which criticizes sexual immorality),” stated Embarambamba.