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Elsa Majimbo Launched Her Own Show,‘Bedtime with Elsa’ >

Elsa Majimbo Launched Her Own Show,‘Bedtime with Elsa’

by Muthoni Kimani October 23, 2020

I’m sure you've heard the name Elsa Majimbo a couple of times this year.The Kenyan comic star has just launched her own show.‘Bedtime with Elsa’ premiered on 18th October on Elsa’s Instagram TV channel.

She tweeted; “I’m so excited to share my first interview series called Bedtime with Elsa!”

Elsa revealed how excited she was to have her recently acquired international appeal. British Musician and singer Jorja Smith was the first guest in her new show.

In her 15 minutes long interview with Jorja Smith, the two talked about various issues. Elsa revealed how many people bullied her when she was starting out.

“I get bullied literally every single second of every day by so many people for so many things. For being a woman, for being black, for being from Kenya. People just attack me for no apparent reason,” Elsa said.

“It is horrible, but then again, I’m just 19 so anyone who goes online to attack a 19-year-old girl has to be very idle,” she added. At the end of the show,the talented comic revealed that her new show would be a series where she interviews celebrities. She also added that there would be a new episode every week.

Just recently she had an interview with Vogue magazine,which she said is a big win for her,not forgetting that She’s a Fenty ambassador.Elsa revealed that her family still treats her the same way they did before she became famous.

“Oh my god, they treat me the same. I expect some kind of status in this house now, but they expect me to cook and clean. I still wash dishes,” She narrated.

Recently, Elsa got a nomination for the E! People’s Choice award.