eddy kenzo approves brizy annechild's 'hera nyalo sandi' hit song.

Eddy Kenzo Approves Brizy Annechild's 'Hera Nyalo Sandi' >

Eddy Kenzo Approves Brizy Annechild's 'Hera Nyalo Sandi'

by Muthoni Kimani February 23, 2021

The only Uganda BET winner and the second overall winner of the same award in the East African region, Eddy Kenzo is impressed by Kisumu's very own Brizy Annechild jumping on his beats to release a banger.

Brizy Annechild released one of the best viral songs in 'Hera Nyalo Sandi, a Dholuo song that used Eddy Kenzo's beats taken from his hit record 'Tweyagale'. The song instantly became an instant hit record way before the official music video was released officially.

Tik Tok users made the song famous after many users started making short clips dancing to the song and sharing it, which inevitably made it blow up and become as huge as it is today.

The song's success might have reached Eddy Kenzo's table, who is the original composer of the beats that 'Hera Nyalo Sandi' used. After learning about Brizy Annechild's song, the celebrated artiste was humbled and even shared the entire song on his Facebook account to push it even further.

He followed it with; "When Allah uses you to inspire others, it is another kind of blessing. This is Hera Nyaro Sandi a remake of Tweyagale in Kenya 🇰🇪 #Tweyagale."

Eddy Kenzo also shared Brizy Annechild's 'Hera Nyalo Sandi' song on his official YouTube channel as well.

A few days ago, Brizy Annechild also took to social media to thank Eddy Kenzo for allowing him to use the beats from his 'Tweyagale' hit song for his new song 'Hera Nyalo Sandi'

Earlier this month Brizy Annechild thanked Eddy Kenzo; "Thanks a lot to award-winning Ugandan superstar Eddy Kenzo for showing love to HERA NYALO SANDI and finally posting it on your official youtube channel. Shukran Eddy for allowing me to use your instrumentals."

The success of Brizy Annechild's 'Hera Nyalo Sandi' hit song has made him blow up on the mainstream music scene making him one of the few music prospects of this year.