eddie butita announces his return to eric omondi's wife material show as director.



by Helvine Achieng March 18, 2021

The initially shut down Kenyan series Wife Material is set to return with ‘clean content’. Wife Material was shut due to its scenes which the KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua termed as bad content for consumption. The KFCB boss emphasized it being a show in promotion of all sorts of immorality.

During Omondi's recent arrest, Most people had previously thought that the arrest was a scripted part of Eric’s show; which was not the case. After Omondi's arrest, the 15 contestants from Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania were all sent home. Comedian Butita took Omondi's arrest as a major alarm to him, thus disassociating himself from the comedian and his show Wife Material.

Regarding the then suspended show, Butita says that the show needs to be scripted this time to avoid contestants throwing tantrums unnecessarily. Days ago, Butita said that he told Eric to script the show but he didn’t, and that’s why he was arrested.

The comedian has however recently announced his return to the show as a creative director after opting out with hopes Eric will allow the show to be scripted.

“Just received a call from @ericomondi I can officially confirm that wife Material will be back and The Writer In Chief / Creative Director Eddie Butita will be at work”

I did not want to be part of wife material again lakini Eric analipa vizuri sana wacha nikatafute pesa, I hope he will allow us to script this show” It needs to be scripted”